Prior to MedDRA, most biopharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical informatics organizations recorded data with standard terminologies, such as COSTART, WHO-ART, HARTS, ICD9-cm, or with their own in-house nomenclature.With the advent of MedDRA as the international standardized medical terminology, companies are looking for an accurate and cost-efficient method of migrating their data into the MedDRA environment.

What we offer:

Although the mapping of COSTART, WHO-ART, HARTS and ICD9 terms are provided within MedDRA, most organizations have found it inadequate to meet their need in terms of specificity and accuracy. The MedDRAhelp team with its experience and knowledge has the skill and technology to implement and execute a migration process that guarantees accuracy, consistency and cost-effectiveness. Our hybrid approach utilizes both an automated and manual methodology guaranteeing the best results. To ensure the quality of the migration process, the mapped data is reviewed by our Quality Assurance team.


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